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Rent Smart is available for purchase from my Buy Now Page.

About Rent Smart

Rent Smart

Based on her experience as a landlord, Margot Bai set out to write a series of articles about rental property investing in Canada for Canadian MoneySaver magazine where she is a Contributing Editor. Between 2012 and 2014, Bai wrote and published a total of 6 articles all related to the financial side of rental property investing.

These MoneySaver articles became Section 1: Choosing a Great Rental Property covering how to find and evaluate potential municipalities and properties for rental investment, calculate potential profits before buying, obtain mortgage financing and move quickly to close the deal.

Section 2: Taking Care of Your Properties includes 3 additional chapters on home maintenance and improvements addressing common repairs and proactive steps you should follow to protect your investment and increase rental income.

Finally, Section 3: Finding, Placing and Managing Tenants includes 4 more chapters discussing tenant selection, lease agreements, delivering apartments and building a great relationship with your tenants. In all, the book is 13 chapters long and about 21,000 words.

Margot Bai's new eBook Rent Smart: Buy Profitable Rental Properties, Create Quality Apartments and Place Great Tenants is a comprehensive guide to rental property investing in Canada and beyond. It is the perfect starting point for anyone who wishes to seriously consider if rental property investing might be right for them. It is also a great resource for current landlords who wish to learn some best practices to run their business more effectively.

Owning rental properties has allowed Bai to create the lifestyle she longed for when working in an office setting – the ability to work for herself, work less and choose her own hours. Rental property investing is not totally passive income. However, as long as apartments are tenanted, the rent money keeps coming in. Bai teaches how to be a profitable rental property investor while running a good business: providing quality homes at fair prices to deserving tenants means you can feel good knowing you are earning an income all the time, whether you are "working" or not.

Rent Smart is available for purchase from my Buy Now Page.