Margot Bai

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About Margot Bai

Margot Bai

Margot Bai is the author of Spend Smarter, Save Bigger: Finding BIG savings in your Home, Mortgage, Vehicles, Insurance and Investments. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, her father was a Professional Engineer who taught his children to use resources sparingly and save for the future. Her father retired while she was still young and her mother, a piano teacher, also enjoyed summers off. Her family spent many summers camping at provincial parks (free to seniors), proving that it doesn't take a large income to create a great lifestyle.

Margot attended the University of Guelph where she completed a B.A. Honours in Psychology. There she met her husband, James, a graduate of Engineering Systems and Computing. Margot landed a position with Young Drivers of Canada, first in program sales, then as a driving instructor and classroom teacher. Her husband secured a position with a major international computer company at their office in Markham, Ontario.

Newly married in 1998 with no savings and with $20,000 in student loans, Margot and her husband faced the daunting task of paying off their debts while trying to save enough to buy a home of their own. Living modestly in a one-bedroom apartment helped them save quickly. Using the Home Buyer’s Plan, they quickly saved a 10% downpayment to purchase a $200,000 townhouse in 2000.

Margot began to read personal finance books on everything from buying a home to choosing investments. MoneySense magazine was a favorite, with a strong consumer focus and emphasis on saving. Personal finance was a hobby, but in 2002 Margot turned it into a decade-long career as a licensed insurance professional with a leading insurance company.

Understanding that sacrifices early on would pay big rewards down the road, Margot and James continued to live below their means and focused on RRSP contributions, paying off their student loans and accelerating mortgage payments. In 2005, they leveraged the equity in their home to cover the downpayment on their first rental property. Today they own multiple rental properties in and around in Newmarket, Ontario.

Margot Bai wrote Spend Smarter, Save Bigger over 5 years with a goal of inspiring Canadians to make smart decisions that would lead to financial freedom! Using stories to bring financial principles to life, she also incorporates her own personal experiences to show Canadians the best ways to save on their biggest expenses. Following the principles in Spend Smarter has allowed them to create an affordable lifestyle to live comfortably while saving a significant portion of their income. Keeping life’s biggest expenses in check is a key part of their overall strategy to build up their savings and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Margot wrote her second book, Rent Smart: Buy Profitable Rental Properties, Create Quality Apartments and Place Great Tenants to share her knowledge and experience as a rental property investor to help those considering this path. Now retired from employment, Margot spends her time managing her rental properties, writing for the independent Canadian Moneysaver magazine and planning for the future.