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Release of Rent Smart: Buy Profitable Rental Properties, Create Quality Apartments and Place Great Tenants
April 29, 2015

Release of Spend Smarter, Save Bigger 2nd Edition, newly revised and updated for 2015.
April 29, 2015

Featured in the Globe & Mail in Me and My Money by Larry MacDonald
January 11, 2014

Main stage speaker at the 2011 Toronto Investment Show
February 6, 2011

Featured as Canada's Best Personal Finance Book by
September 24, 2010

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Margot Bai is pleased to release her second title in eBook format.

Rent Smart: Buy Profitable Rental Properties, Create Quality Apartments and Place Great Tenants

Rent Smart

This comprehensive guide to rental property investing in Canada is the perfect starting point for anyone who wishes to seriously consider if rental property investing might be right for them. It is also a great resource for current landlords who wish to learn some best practices to run their business more effectively.

What's being said about Rent Smart:

"The sections on property management, tenant selection and setting tenant expectations were very thorough. Rent Smart has a good balance of personal experience and practical knowledge"
- Taylor Sugar, Real Estate Professional, Newmarket, Ontario

"Rent Smart was very easy to read and understand. There were many points that I had not considered before, that one needs to consider before jumping into the rental property market, the book was very informative. Thank you."
- Steve Kuehl, Prospective Rental Property Investor, Sutton, Ontario

Newly Revised and Updated for 2015: Spend Smarter, Save Bigger 2nd edition in eBook format

Spend Smarter, Save Bigger 2nd Edition
1st Edition softcover is out of print

Have you ever financed or leased a car? Locked in your mortgage for 2 or more years? Wondered how you could pay less tax? Been frustrated with the high cost of insurance? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you can save BIG by following the ideas in Spend Smarter, Save Bigger. Learn how to get the best car for your cash, slash the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage, discover the best tax strategies and learn how to shave hundred of dollars off your insurance bill. You'll also find out how to invest your new savings for above average returns, while paying below average investment fees!

What's being said about Spend Smarter, Save Bigger:

"Margot couples her experience with common sense explanations Canadians will find helpful when determining their financial plan. It is an interactive resource that will better your general financial understanding."
- Paul E. Counter: Commercial Banker and Canadian Finance author of Don't Borrow Money...Until You Read This Book. Toronto, Ontario

"Spend Smarter, Save Bigger is a road map for the journey that leads to financial freedom. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take control of their own financial destiny"
-Paul Benjamin, Accountant, Bolton, Ontario

"In a society where we're expected to spend, spend, spend, it's refreshing to read a personal finance book based on common sense and realistic expectations. Spend Smarter, Save Bigger reveals the secret savings available on all your biggest expenses"
- Heather Power, Licensed Insurance Representative, Stouffville, Ontario